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The Metal-Free Teeth-Straightening Solution

For a long time, traditional braces were the only orthodontic treatment available. In fact, that may have been the case the last time you explored your teeth-straightening options! Fortunately, there’s now a different option: clear aligner treatment. If you want to find out if you’re a candidate, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen Tomaszewski so he can learn about your dental history and any existing orthodontic problems. You can also read on to learn how clear aligners work, the benefits of this approach, and more!

Why Choose Camellia City Family Dentistry for Clear Aligners?

  • Skilled Cosmetic Dentist with More Than 15 Years of Experience
  • See Results Beforehand with Digital Dental Imaging
  • Several Financial Solutions, Including Flexible Financing

How Clear Aligners Work

Patient holding clear aligner

With traditional braces, metal brackets and wires are routinely adjusted to incrementally move teeth closer and closer to their ideal positions. With us, the same outcome is accomplished with a series of custom-made aligners! You’ll wear each one for 20-22 hours a day, and you’ll progress to the new set in the series every week or two weeks (depending on the specifics of your treatment plan). Since the aligners are see-through and removable, you’ll see your teeth get straighter and straighter before your eyes!

Who Clear Aligners Can Help

Patient smiling at dentist while holding clear aligner

If you’re interested in clear aligner treatment, you’ll be pleased to hear that it can correct mild and moderate cases of malocclusion. Here are a few examples:

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth don’t just come with aesthetic drawbacks; they can negatively impact your oral health as well. In that sense, clear aligner treatment can improve the look, health, and function of your smile! Simply put, it’s worth scheduling a consultation with us to find out if you’re a candidate.

Gaps Between Teeth

Of course, if your teeth are spread apart, you could experience similar problems, including an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why we recommend coming in for an appointment sooner rather than later. That way, we can give you a smile that is as healthy as it is beautiful!

Bite Alignment

Remember, if your bite isn’t aligned properly, numerous consequences can arise, including chronic jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction. The good news is that clear aligner treatment can correct mild and moderate bite problems, including overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Woman smiling while holding clear aligner

Clear aligners continue to be a popular cosmetic dental service because:

  • They are more comfortable than traditional braces
  • There aren’t any dietary restrictions
  • They don’t make brushing and flossing a hassle
  • They have a shorter average treatment timeline
  • They can address multiple orthodontic problems

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

Dental assistant smiling while handing patient form

Patients often want an estimate of the price before they arrive at our office. The truth is that we can’t provide you with an accurate number until we know about your dental history and the complexity of your case. The good news is that we can provide you with the cost of clear aligner treatment at your consultation and review all of the financial solutions available to ensure that it stays within your budget.

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