Dental Crowns – Slidell, LA

Repair and Protect Your Damaged Teeth

If you’re suffering from a severely decayed or damaged tooth, restorative dentistry can mend it as well as protect it from additional potential injuries. With state-of-the-art technology and materials onsite at Camellia City Family Dentistry in Slidell, you’re sure to get a beautiful new dental crown that fits like a glove. For those who may be overly anxious or in pain, we have sedation options to help keep you calm and comfortable throughout your visit.  

Why Choose Camellia City Family Dentistry for Dental Crowns?

  • Advanced Technology for Accurate Results
  • One-Visit Dental Crowns Available
  • Flexible Payment Plans

What Is a Dental Crown?

Illustration showing a dental crown sliding over a tooth

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is customized to fit over your damaged tooth and match your natural ones. It is often made of durable, high-quality tooth-colored materials that can last up to 15 years with the right care, making it an excellent long-term solution. Dental crowns are typically used to:

  • Cover an extensively decayed tooth that needs additional support.
  • Fortify a fractured tooth that has lost stability.
  • Restore function and protect a tooth that had a root canal.
  • Cap a surgically placed dental implant.
  • Anchor implant dentures into place.

The Dental Crown Process

Dentist creating dental crowns with small instruments

There are two types of dental crowns and the process of being fitted for them will vary slightly.

First, Dr. Tomaszewski will examine your condition and get to know your personal oral goals, needs, medical history, etc. If he determines a dental crown is necessary, he’ll walk you through the treatment options and prepare your tooth. This involves removing some of the enamel so that the restoration lays flush against your gums and even with the surrounding teeth when it’s placed.

Then, he’ll make an impression of your teeth using state-of-the-art digital imaging for the most accurate results. If you’re being fitted for a same-day crown, it will be created and cemented into place during the same visit. Otherwise, he’ll send your information to a lab for it to be built for you.

Once the lab has created and delivered your dental crown, we’ll schedule you for another visit to have it placed.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

Three dental crowns on a black background

When you come to Camellia City Family Dentistry for dental crowns, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Protected tooth- Your dental crown covers the entire outer surface of your injured tooth to keep it from requiring more complex treatments down the road.
  • A beautiful smile- Your dental crown can be customized to match the shade of your natural teeth so no one can tell the difference.
  • Long-lasting results- If you make efforts to care for your dental crown properly, it can last for 15+ years!
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