Tooth-Colored Fillings – Slidell, LA

Seamless Cavity Repair

In the old days, dentists used a material called silver amalgam to fix small spots of dental decay. Unfortunately, amalgam has an unpleasant dark color that contrasts sharply with the natural appearance of teeth. Today, a more aesthetically pleasing alternative is widely available: tooth-colored fillings. Our Slidell team can use this restorative treatment to provide seamless cavity repair that will allow you to continue smiling with confidence. Contact us today to request a personal consultation.

Why Choose Camellia City Family Dentistry for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • Friendly, Empathetic Dentist & Team
  • Efficient, Top-Quality Treatment
  • Beautiful, Durable Restorations

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

When bacteria attack the tooth enamel and cause small spots of decay, the most common way to fix the problem and prevent the cavity from spreading is with a dental filling. Rather than using dark silver amalgam to fill cavities, we use a tooth-colored composite resin, which consists of ultra-fine plastic and glass particles. The material is metal-free and is widely considered to be biocompatible (that is to say, it works well within the human body). We shade-match the resin to blend in with a patient’s dental enamel, so the end result is a restoration that is durable, beautiful, and effective.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

The tooth-colored filling process is simple, comfortable, and fast. In fact, it can usually be completed in a single appointment that takes less than one hour. Here is what you can expect during your appointment:

  • We will numb your tooth so you will be as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. (If a cavity is quite small, local anesthesia may not even be necessary.)
  • Steve will remove decayed tissue from inside the cavity before we insert the shade-matched resin.
  • A special curing light will be used to harden the resin.
  • We will polish and shape the filling so it looks and feels as good as possible.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Some top benefits of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • They are metal-free. Unlike amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings are completely free of all metals, including mercury. (Amalgam fillings are approximately 50% mercury.)
  • They look beautiful. Onlookers may not be able to tell that you had to have a little restorative work done on your smile.
  • They require minimal tooth preparation. Because the resin bonds with the surrounding dentition, we have to remove very little tissue from a tooth to prepare it for a filling.
  • They come with minimal sensitivity. Composite resin does not expand and contract, and it does not conduct temperatures in the same way as metal. Therefore, it causes less dental sensitivity.
  • They are durable. Tooth-colored fillings can last for several years before they need to be replaced.
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